Cheryl Goodenough is a journalist with Australian Associated Press, mainly covering Brisbane courts.

Cheryl has worked for organisations and institutions including: Oxfam Australia, UNICEF, Oxfam International (Joint HIV and AIDS Program), AIDS Foundation of South Africa, South African Police Services (project funded by European Union), Childline South Africa and the Jali Commission of Inquiry into prisons in South Africa.

Her work involves writing, editing, proofreading and research. She has experience in:

  • Editing books, research reports and other documents
  • Writing feature and investigative articles
  • Conducting research, including interviews and desk-based reviews
  • Writing magazine and newspaper articles, newsletters, website copy, brochures, media releases, reports, books and research documents
  • Transforming detailed materials into concise, easy to read documents, presented in the required format

Cheryl has always provided work of an exceptionally high quality. She is a highly competent researcher, editor and writer. Her high level skills in editing and writing have been of particular value to Oxfam Australia where the assignment has involved working with complex content and raw data that Cheryl has reworked into easy to read ‘plain English’ content for wide distribution.

Colin Collett van Rooyen
Oxfam Australia

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