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Oxfam Australia has engaged the services of Cheryl Goodenough on a consultancy basis since 2004. Assignments have included research, editing, documenting and workbook development.

Cheryl has always provided work of an exceptionally high quality. Her work has always been delivered on (or before) due dates and has consistently complied with the terms of reference set out for the assignments.

Cheryl is a highly competent researcher, editor and writer. Her high level skills in editing and writing have been of particular value to Oxfam Australia where the assignment has involved working with complex content and raw data that Cheryl has reworked into easy to read ‘plain English’ content for wide distribution.

Cheryl also has a very sound grasp of, and sensitivity to, cultural and socio-political dynamics across a range of contexts. This she uses well to inform her understanding of development focused assignments such as those she has carried out for Oxfam Australia.

Colin Collett van Rooyen
Country Director, Oxfam Australia


  • Culinary Inspirations, a recipe book published by Meryl’s School of Cooking (2006). Co-writer (with Meryl Haley) and production co-ordinator. (ISBN 13:978-0-620-37493-4)
  • Post Conflict Peace Building in Richmond, a publication about a project managed by Independent Projects Trust (2005). Researcher and writer. (ISBN 0-620-32734-0)
  • Shaping South Africa: Reflections on the First Term of the Municipal Demarcation Board, South Africa 1999 – 2004. Researcher, writer and production co-ordinator.
    (ISBN 0-620-31880-5)
  • Owning Safety: A Profile of Community Initiatives, published by Independent Projects Trust. Co-researcher and writer. (ISBN 0-620-29597-x)
  • Traditional Leaders: A KwaZulu-Natal Study 1999 to 2001, a publication based on research conducted by Independent Projects Trust. Writer. (ISBN 0-620-28460-9)


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